HURRY! $15 Off $15 at Target!! Works On Gift Cards Too!!

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Update: Dead!

HURRY! $15 Off $15 at Target!! Works On Gift Cards Too!!

Follow these steps for this offer

  1. Login to your PayPal account
  2. Click the next 2 offers and save to your account
  3. $10 Off at Target
  4. $5 Off at Target
  5. Go to Target and Add a $15 Target gift card (You can choose a custom amount and enter $15)
  6. At payment make sure to checkout using PayPal, it will confirm that you’re using 2 offers

  • The total on Target Checkout will still say $15, as it is PayPal that is giving the credit

You can check your activity on PayPal after the purchase and see your savings

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One Response

  1. Offer showed on my PayPal after following your directions but never got the credit on my account… apparently it was a TARGETED offer not sent by PayPal to my email ….

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