FREE!! Marboo USB Powered Sound Bar Speakers for FREE!!

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Update: Dead!

Amazon has the Marboo USB Powered Sound Bar Speakers for FREE!!

  1. Clip 40% coupon
  2. Coupon code: 60C19871
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One Response

  1. Dear customer,
    Hello, I’m sorry to disturb you. I’m glad that you bought our product. We made a mistake in the promotion of this product. The discount is superimposed. The total loss is as high as $80,000+. I’m a ordinary employee, the boss wants to fire me and make me pay for the money $80000. I have child to raise, this makes me unable to live anymore, unable to bear the rent, and I will be homeless, so I will send you an email, could you cancel the order? If the order has been shipped and cannot be cancelled, could you refuse to accept the package? Please help me, thank you very much and look forward to your reply.

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