6-Pack of Philips myLiving Dimmable 5”/6” Downlight Recessed LED Lighting Fixtures for ONLY $15.14 (Was $49)!!

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Update: Dead!

Amazon has these Philips myLiving Dimmable 5”/6” Downlight Recessed LED Lighting Fixtures (6-Pack) for ONLY $15.14 (Was $49)!!


  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: Philips LED Dimmable Downlight Recessed Lighting Fixtures uses 80 percent less energy than 65 Watt Incandescent Bulbs while maintaining the look and feel of a classic light bulb. Philips LED light bulbs are Mercury free and Energy Star Certified
  • LONG LASTING: These Philips LED Downlight Recessed Lighting Fixtures last 13x longer than incandescent and halogen bulbs. Each fixture is expected to deliver a lifetime of up to 35,000 hours of light (based on three hours per day), saving you the cost of frequent bulb replacement
  • DAYLIGHT: Philips LED Dimmable Recessed Lighting Fixtures offer bright and comfortable lighting with high CRI (color rendering index). At 5000 Kelvin the bulbs deliver bright, crisp color ideal for project and task lighting as well as to brighten larger spaces
  • SMOOTH DIMMING: Philips dimmable LED fixtures are flicker free, silent, and tested to work with more dimmer switches than any other LED bulbs on the market. These recessed lighting fixtures smoothly dim from 5000K down to a soft glow with greater clarity than traditional incandescent bulbs
  • COMPATIBILITY: These Philips LED light bulbs fit in E26 medium screw bases. Not compatible with Philips HUE products. Philips LED myLiving Dimmable 5 inches/6 inches Downlight Recessed Lighting Fixtures are for non connected use only
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