NakiRadio Solo for ONLY $128 (Was $149), NakiRadio Duo for $149 (Was $179)!!

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Artscroll has the NakiRadio Solo for ONLY $128 (Was $149), NakiRadio Duo for $149 (Was $179)!!

NakiRadio Solo for ONLY $128 (Was $149)!!

NakiRadio Duo for $149 (Was $179)!!

  • NakiRadio is the first wifi radio player streaming only pre-approved Jewish channels.
  • Original NakiRadio model streaming all NakiRadio content. Includes rechargeable battery for portable play. Aux In or Wifi Radio Modes. Alarm Clock function. Automatic software updates.

The NakiRadio Solo and Duo have several exclusive hardware advantages:

  •  Intuitive duel-knob interface
  • Improved fast-forward / rewind
  • Artwork magnification
  • Uses standard batteries
  • Same crystal clear you’ve come to expect from NakiRadio in a more portable format

And the real magic is the way-improved NakiRadio experience. We’ve improved all aspects of the software and added features which transform NakiRadio, most notably:

  • • Station Shuffle: Cycle through station after station with just a click or two
  • Story Shuffle: Load 100 stories collected from all over the NakiRadio into one list, which will play from story to story for hours
  • Dynamic episode artwork
  • Episode lists re-sorted and expanded
  • Unified content list
  • Much faster loading speeds
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