GE Lighting LED+ 65-Watt Bulb with Battery Backup for Only $7.49 (Was $14.99)!!!

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Amazon has the GE Lighting LED+ 65-Watt Bulb with Battery Backup for Only $7.49 (Was $14.99)!!!

  • Never Worry When the Power Goes out With Battery Backup Bulbs: These BR30 LED light bulbs allow you to keep a light on even when the power is off and can function similarly to a flashlight in emergency situations.
  • Portable Led Light Bulbs That Charge Automatically: The LED BR30 battery backup light bulbs will automatically recharge when the electricity is on, providing reliable light in any situation.
  • Replaces Your 65 Watt Indoor Flood Light Bulbs: Get the efficiency of low wattage light bulbs. These battery backup LED light bulbs are the easiest way to cut costs without sacrificing brightness or reliability.
  • Led Light Bulbs That Stay on Even When the Power is Off: Keep Your Lights on Whenever You Need Them. These Led Lights With Battery Backup Will Provide up to 5 Hours of Light at 120 Lumens When Fully Charged.
  • Battery Backup and the Efficiency of Low Wattage Light Bulbs Without Losing Brightness: These br30 Lights Will Perfectly Replace Your Indoor Flood Light Bulbs as They Use Low Energy Each Day, Even When Charging for Backup Functionality.

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