Wednesday, September 4, 2019

AMIR Upgraded Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock with 6 Natural Sounds for ONLY $17.99 Shipped (Was $35.99)!!!

Amazon has the AMIR Upgraded Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock with 6 Natural Sounds for ONLY $17.99 Shipped (Was $35.99)!!!

Coupon code: G3WAFO64

This product has 4.4 stars out of over 1200 reviews on Amazon

  • Sunset Function - The Sunset function helps you to fall asleep by decreasing the intensity of light. You can choose 15/30/60 minutes in the Sunset Function to turn off the light gradually. Please note that if you change the brightness while it is in Sunset Function, the light will turn off after 15/30/60 mins instead of dimming gradually.
  • Upgraded Simulated Sunrise Wake-up Light - Newly version with Sunset & Snooze Function, 10 Intensity of the Warm White light and Easier Touch Screen Buttons. 30 minutes before your alarm time, the light brightens gradually from 1% of brightness to 100%, gently bring you out of deep sleep. Making you more energized and in a better mood upon awakening.
  • 7 Natural Alarm sounds & FM Radio Function – Including 6 kinds of natural sounds, pure music, “DiDi” alarm and FM radio sound for your preference. Also, you can easily turn on the FM, it will scan and save up to 40 radio channels MAX automatically, which enables you to enjoy the radio show and relax yourself
  • Tag-to-Snooze Function - When the alarm goes off, you could just tap the SNOOZE button lightly, giving yourself an extra 5 minutes of sleep. The durable wake-up light is designed with non-slip rubber feet, keeping it securely on your nightstand.
  • Multiple Light Modes & Memorized Brightness - 6 Colors (Green, Red, Blue, Purple, Orange, Indigo) & 10 Intensity of Warm White Light are optional. It can not only serve as a mood light, but also a bedside lamp. Besides, the light can memorize the brightness (warm light only). It will turn on with the brightness at the same level with the light turned off last time.

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